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Jennifer Foley

Frontal  fibrosing alopecia.

My lovely client who was with me is looking and feeling fantastic with her new human hairpiece which is very easily attached to her own hair. 

Her hair piece is very light and comfortable to wear.

It immediately created a total transformation 

It covers the area where she has lost and thickens her hair.

What a difference this makes she looks so much younger feeling fantastic it’s given her so much confidence 

This type of hair loss develops on the scalp, usually beginning as a receding hairline. The receding hairline tends to appear in the front or along the temples.

Along with losing hair on their scalp, some people see less hair on another area of their body. Frontal fibrosing alopecia (FFA) can cause noticeable hair loss anywhere hair grows.

Look great and feel fantastic!

Confidence with style at 
Wigs by Jennifer Foley

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