Hair loss isn’t easy. So, today I want to thank all the amazing women out there who are paving the way for so many others by normalising hair loss on social media, in blogs and within mainstream magazines. You are helping so many embrace their hair loss journey. Whether it’s the bald look, wigs or turbans and hats – it is all amazing, and beautiful, so thank you!

But, let’s not forget that it can be scary. Lots of women are afraid of change – worried and preoccupied with how others will view them – but this journey can be extremely fun, too! Take one client who came to me wanting something new, but fear was holding her back. Through lots of chat, we uncovered that she loved glamour and wanted to look younger. I dared her to try something completely different! A new colour and a modern hairstyle. And, it worked! She looked amazing – 10 years younger and she danced out of the salon and has never looked back.

My advice is to embrace change, normalise hair loss and have fun.
When you look good, you feel great!

Happy Womens Day!

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