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Wig Grants

This is super, and is now available to you in Ireland.

When you are faced with hair loss, particularly due to a medical condition such as cancer or alopecia, it can be an especially traumatic experience.
This means you have up to €500 per year PRSI grant scheme towards the cost of your new wig. I am a registered PRSI agent and will apply on your behalf to welfare services to organise all paperwork to prevent any delay.
How does this work

I do need to ensure you have enough PRSI contributions to qualify when applying for your grant. There is a dependents spouse scheme available if you do not qualify with your own PRSI number.

Suitable forms will be supplied.

In order to avail of this grant and qualify provide the relevant documents showing you are undergoing Chemotherapy, or suffering with Alopecia, or Hair Loss (Frontal Fibrosis). 

When I receive your Doctors cert, I can arrange your consultation appointment and you are on the way to choosing your gorgeous new wig / hairpiece.

Email [email protected]

Medical Card holder

I am a approved vendor with the HSE once you have a medical card you should be entitled to a HSE wig grant

You do need a doctor’s certificate detailing your hair loss condition or or if you are undergoing chemotherapy.

The HSE grants do vary depending on which county you live in.

When applying to the HSE I will need your medical card with a letter from your doctor / consultant explaining your hair loss condition and your need for a wig.

I will then apply to the HSE on your behalf.


Once you have a hair loss condition, depending on your policy you can claim for the cost of your wig through your private health insurance.

I would advise to contact your private health insurer for details to ensure you are you covered.